XENON HEADLIGHT BULBS – Halogen vs. Xenon Plasma vs. Xenon Super White



Road test of our Xenon Plasma & Xenon Super White headlight bulbs, up against the standard Halogen bulb.

We took out our test vehicle to demonstrate the differences between a standard halogen headlight bulb and our Xenon Plasma & Xenon Super White range. Both Xenon bulbs out perform the halogen in terms of brightness & beam throw.

The Xenon Plasma gives good overall brightness & colour (4300k), making objects and potential hazards easy to spot. The multi-coat UV filter offers a versatile output and is considered a perfect All-Weather bulb…with minimal light dissipation & colouration that adapts in varying conditions.

The Xenon Super White performs similarly to the Plasma, with good brightness and a crisp super-white beam (5000k). Our most popular bulb type, the Xenon Super White offers colouration similar to that of the much more expensive HID units. Light disperses more readily with the Super White UV filter, but the overall performance is still far superior to the standard halogen bulb.

All bulbs in our test were 12V 55W H1 type fitment.

We stock H1 (448), H4 (472), H7 (499) in both Xenon Plasma & Xenon Super White.

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Post time: May-20-2017