Why Sylvania silverstar light bulbs and all car headlight bulbs that bright should be outlawed!

Have you ever had an asshole get behind you with there high beams on or really bright lights as well as tailgates you for over 20 minutes for mile’s and it blinds you while driving? Well I have, some asshole in a newer model silver Chevy pickup got behind me from route 33 leaving Millstone township N.J. and blinded me with his really bright lights or high beams and even tailgated me at time’s. This continued all the way through Monroe township until I got to Jamesburg New Jersey, when I finally hopped off the road. These really bright lights should be outlawed and the assholes using them should have regard for other driver’s. This guy was a total asshole and I filmed the entire ride. I’m sure many people have dealt with this and it is very frustrating. It was dark, it was raining and I was driving through a rural area where being blinded like this could cause a major accident. This guy was a total asshole with no regard for anyone else on the road. I know people deal with asshole’s like this all the time and they do not belong on the road. The light’s were so bright, in a typical vehicle those are considered high beams, however those new silver star lights are as bright as high beams and they are danger to everyone else on the road. They do not belong on any vehicle as they blind other driver’s and cause a serious danger. I hope they are outlawed and asshole’s like this are forced to remove those light’s, however if he did have his high beams on he is nothing more then a jerk off and I hope he gets ticketed and is removed from the roads for a while. Also tailgating me at night, while it’s raining while I am being blinded by your lights could have cause an accident which documented would have been caused by this guy. Enough is enough, these light bulbs need to be banned or they should be able to be lowered when near other vehicle’s and required to do so. This is what it’s like to drive with someone with those lights with no regard behind you. I can see light’s like this useful in very rural places like miles and miles of deescalate New Mexico roadways, but in a state like New Jersey (the most densely populated state), these bulbs cause more harm than good, regular high beams work perfect for dark rural roads still.

Post time: Sep-26-2017