Upgrade to LED headlights!

In this silent video, I am showing you guys the comparison between with stock bulbs (9006) for my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander after I upgraded to Sylvania Silverstar ZXE for about 5 months, however I still leans to upgrading to LED so I order AuxBeam’s bulb in LED for $31 – the after result was quite great, I have nothing to make compliant on AuxBeam’s LED! It gives out really more visible on the road rather than “fade” visible coming from stock bulb and Silverstar ZXE. 8000LM split into 4k Lumens per bulb which is pretty intense to me to have that much power to lighten everything up – howsoever glare is a bit brighter but not enough bright to stings oncoming drivers when I stand further away from my headlights, at least for my eyes.

LED signals and reverse is brought from JDMastar. Had it for 4 months now, no issue so far with them.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!

Post time: Mar-18-2017