Triumph Tiger 1050 Auxiliary headlights 2 x 20w LED spotlights

The Triumph Tiger 1050 headlights are very poor as standard, so one of the first mods I did was to upgrade the halogen bulbs to HID. This was much improved, but still found the full beam too narrow, so needed to install some auxiliary lights to broaden the beam so I could see round corners better at night.

I considered fitting HID auxiliary lights because I like the power and low consumption, but was concerned about the amount of time they take to reach full power (useless for signal / pass flashing). I also considered halogen because they are cheap, but they use too much power (110w for a pair) for the light they put out. Then I found these high power LED auxiliary driving lights which only consume 40w per pair and still put out a mighty 3,000 lumins which is equivalent to two standard halogen bulbs.

Post time: Apr-26-2017