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As time goes on, the headlights in your Toyota Camry can go unusually dim, particularly if you own an older generation model. In most cases, this is a simple repair that does not require professional knowledge. Once your headlights are back to normal, you can return to your normal driving practices, including driving at night when visibility is greatly reduced. Let’s get started by looking at the most likely culprits for this dimming effect, and then move quickly toward resolving the problem one headlight at a time!

The task of restoring clarity to your headlights will take up to one hour. The cost is just the total price of the supplies you will need as you troubleshoot this issue.

The supplies you will need are: replacement bulbs, replacement fuses, headlight lens restoration kit, microfiber cloths.

Step 1 – Check the Bulbs
Headlight bulbs will naturally fade after continued use. Once your bulbs fade, replace them for improved visibility and safety on the road. Due to safety concerns while driving at night, it’s recommended that you change weak headlight bulbs at the first sign of dimming or fading.
Headlight bulb replacements can range in price from $5 to $30, depending on brand and quality.
To replace a weak headlight bulb, remove the wiring harness for the headlight by hand.
Detach the weak bulb, and then install a new one.
It’s recommended that you complete the removal process for each headlight before moving onto the next one.

Step 2 – Clean the Headlight Lens
Dirt can accumulate on the interior and exterior of your headlight lens. Have it cleaned using a headlight lens restoration kit.
Headlight lens restoration products cost between $10 and $20.
Apply the product liberally to the front and back of the lens.
Clean the entire surface using a microfiber cloth.
Remove excess product residue before finishing up the job.

Step 3 – Pull the Headlight Fuse
Pull the fuse using your fuse puller and replace as needed.
Fuses cost just a few dollars at your local auto parts store.
The new fuse must provide the correct amperage.
Discard the old fuse.
It’s recommended that you visit a local Toyota dealership if the dimming effect is related to an electrical problem. If you have a bad electrical connection, the extra heat could burn your headlights. Such a problem would need to be resolved immediately.
A short circuit in your car’s electrical system, which could occur while tinkering underneath the hood of your car, should always be addressed by a professional.
Have the mechanic check your battery, as well.

Step 4 – Switch to a High-Intensity Discharge Set-up

HIDs are a favorite with Camry owners due to the increased brightness and longer lifespan.
HID bulbs can run you as much as $100. However, cheaper varieties are widely available online and through local auto parts stores.
Install an HID bulb in the same way as you would a normal bulb.
While more expensive than regular bulbs, we recommend installing H9 HID bulbs.
An H9 HID conversion kit can run you around $75 online. However, these and other kits contain all of the materials you’ll need to complete the job in a matter of minutes right from the comfort of your own home garage.
H9 HID bulbs offer incredible illumination that is guaranteed to last significantly longer than normal bulbs. For a cheap yet dependable bulb, choose Wagner H9 bulbs, which are available at Walmart for as little as $11 per bulb.

The headlights in your Toyota Camry can lose their vibrancy over time. However, with continued care your headlights will shine brightly for years to come.

Post time: Apr-04-2017