The best flashlight comparison on youtube!

The best brightest flashlights on market comparison on youtube on a rainy day! Those things are about 2200 lumen (SR90), Tiny Monster TM11 (2000 lumen).. and so on.. imagine it is brigher than a car’s headlight… so.. enjoy!

Latest most powerful and recommended flashlights:

Most Powerful Thrower:
Thrunite TN40, 4450 Lumens, 1150m Throw-

Most Powerful Flood
Thrunite TN36-UT, 7300 Lumens of Craziness –

JETBeam Mini-1 Pendant light, 130 Lumens –

Lumintop TD16, 450m throw, over 1k lumens in reality –


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Post time: Apr-28-2017