Silverado/Sierra PUTCO High Beam Headlight Bulb Nite-Lux LED Cool White Pair 1999-2015/1999-2013

This Pair of PUTCO Nite-Lux Cool White 9005 LED High Beam Headlight Bulbs is for all 1999-2015 Chevrolet Silverados and 1999-2013 GMC Sierras. Distinguishing your truck’s exterior presentation of lighting with a modern standard of LED delivers a brighter, longer and safer driving experience!

Showcasing two high-end, IP68 IP65 shock proof, Cree LED bulbs with a bright two thousand five hundred lumen output per bulb! These uncanny bulbs have a three hundred sixty degree light output, a one hundred percent copper weave cloth heat-sink and Constant Current CPU & EMC. Also, as this is top-of-the-line in today’s advanced LED technologies you’ll know that you’re going to get high-end quality that will last for fifty thousand hours!

These illuminating bulbs will make you and others easier to see at while you’re driving through the night hours! These bulbs are the perfect choice for the safety minded driver!

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Post time: Mar-20-2017