Sickest G35 headlights

1 quad g35 projectors (lower comes on with fogs )
2 All tsx clear lenses
3 All 4 color modded
4 Painted inside projector
5 TL projector lens for turn signals
6 Led marker lights in turn housing with my voltage regulation and my pwm’s
7 1800 lumen led turn signals with passive heatsinking and active thermoelectric peltier cooling (3 600 lumen leds per side). my custom high current regulation boards. For a comparison the higest power superflux or
5mm leds are 7-10 lumens and high power audi leds are 60 lumen .makes hids look dim lol .
8painted flat black with lip chrome
9clearence strip cutout . Led clearance strip fully microcontrolled ,pwm’ed,regulated and rf controlled . 15 different microcontrolled effects rf controlled as well as bypass to solid when lights come on .
10 All g35 shrouds
Also video shows
1 My custom clear corners with high power superflux leds and amber switchback .All on my custom pcb’s with my designed switchback circuit . Nothing is premade stuff you can buy .

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Post time: Apr-23-2017