LED Stop and tail lights unsafe video 2.
PROOF THAT LED STOP AND TAIL LIGHTS ARE DANGEROUS. 500 & 620 lumens of near blue light attenuated by red tail light lens as opposed to the orange light from a conventional bulb giving 220 & 1200 lumens and almost no attenuation through the red lens.

See the test. led stop 20% brighter than side light, classic bulb 500% brighter on stop.

DO NOT USE LED TAIL STOP LIGHTS. Stay safe and be seen clearly. Also please do not use on cars and trucks either, these led “replacement” stop / tail bulbs are a real danger and should be made illegal world wide. EBAY buyers beware. cheap Chinese product made with no testing or standards, and no understanding of light wavelength and filters. Warn your friends, show them the video, someone put this on the NEWS and save some lives. Led lights are fine for torches, white side lights, but not for use behind a red lens. Three basic problems, 1, the extra light from the stop function is only 20% more light, not the 500% from a classic bulb, 2, despite being twice as bright ( 520 lumens as opposed to 220) for a standard bulb on side light position with no cover lens they are no brighter once the red cover is replaced. 3, in daytime where we are required to run with lights on (motorcycles) the led stop will not be seen operating and motorcycles will get tail ended day and night time. Cars and trucks at night will run the same risk, and cause accidents.

Post time: Apr-17-2017