Robo’s Honest Reviews – LUYED 8th 12000LM Super Bright CREE LED Headlight Bulbs

Product Review: Luyed has done it again and made a absolutely wonderful product. I have used their lights in the past and have been really impressed. These bulbs go a step beyond by increasing the light output all the way up to 12000 lumen. For some and depending on the type of vehicle this may be too much light and cause people to start flashing their lights at you. I would probably recommend this for cars that are lower to the ground or even in the high beams of any other car if this is the type of socket you need. Believe me when I tell you this puts off a crazy amount of light that will illuminate almost everything. As far as reliability to goes I have installed these in my fathers car and he has been driving around with them. He has had no issues with them so far as they are instant on and do not flicker at all. He loves them so far and would recommend them.

Who Would Buy This: Car owners wanting excellent nighttime visability

Pros: Extremely bright – instant on – Easy install

Cons: Might be too bright for some
This product was provided to me at a discounted rate in order for me to provide a honest and fair review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Post time: Aug-29-2017