(:Review:) LasFit LED Headlights ~ All in One With No External Converter! Ultra Bright & Long Life

Get These LED Headlights on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EYQ86OW/?tag=lasfit-20

These Plug and Play LED Headlights from LasFit are the best I’ve reviewed. All of the other LED and HID bulbs have an external voltage driver box that has to go inline with the plug. Many even require a separate adapter or hard wiring to the battery. Not these. These plug right in place of your factory headlight bulbs.

I’ve been waiting to go HID or LED on my personal truck for someone to come out with a true plug and play solution. These are perfect. I’ve had all of my friends brag about their HIDs, but I was never truly impressed. I am however impressed with these.

~The Design~
Everything about these has been designed well, with high quality components. The LED chips are Philips and the driver/voltage converter is built into the small base of the lamp. There is even a fan built into the base to cool the chips. The H13 size works perfectly; both in the headlight housing and in the factory wiring harness.

~The Light~
Very cool, but not too blue like some of the other ones you see driving around. Blue lights kind of bug me. If I were to guess the spectrum without knowing I would put it closer to 5000K. It appears more in the daylight spectrum. They are very bright. Driving side by side next to my old halogens, they definitely over power the halogens. They do seem to point a little higher than the old ones, so I will probably have to re-aim my headlights down a little… I’ll wait and see how often I get flashed.

~The Price~
Go down to Walmart and price your standard silverstar halogen lights, or even a cheap HID kit. You aren’t looking at paying much more, or maybe even less for these and these will outlast all of those using less energy. The price is worth it any day of the week. All headlights will be LED in 10 years.

Compared to most of the others on the market with external driver boxes, or those that require special wiring, these are a no-brainer, plug and play option that I would recommend to anyone, even my Mom.

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Post time: Apr-24-2017