Replace Saturn Headlight – 2005 Saturn Vue – Quick Fix!

Apologies for the lighting! Should take less than 5 minutes to replace a headlight on a Saturn Vue with very few tools! Let me know what you think. For 2008 model VUE, see the video mentioned below (there are 3 extra plastic screws that must be removed)! For 2002, see “Mary Foster’s” comment below.

Extended description/instructions below:

Tools used:
- 10mm wrench (or ratchet)
- Long screwdriver

- Remove both 10mm bolts securing the headlight mounting
- FOR 2008 VUE, you may need to remove 3 additional plastic screws (not shown in this video) before popping out the headlight fixture
- Pop out the headlight fixture by depressing /lifting the small tab located down the hole
- Twist to remove bulb!
- Swap old bulb for new, twisting new bulb back into place.
- Put everything back!
- The whole fixture will *snap* back into place nicely. If you want to remove it again, you will have to pop the tab!

Other relevant videos:
2008 Saturn Vue replacement (very similar, but I believe he is taking some unnecessary steps):

Post time: Oct-17-2017