Replace Nissan Juke Headlights with 55w HID Bi-Xenon Lights

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In this video i discuss how i went about changing my nissan juke headlights to 55w 6000k HID head lights. I kept them in the reflector housing and have had good results. Haven’t had complaints of blinding, so yes i did take that into consideration. For the Juke you can get any HID kit that is a 9007 bulb size. You need Bi-Xenon bulbs if you want to keep hi/low functionality. I recommend getting a 55w kit and not a 35w kit, because the 35w kits in 6000k color look blue due to being under powered. Mine do not look blue at all (who wants blue lights?!), these are super bright white, just like i wanted. Any tinting is due to the video camera. I purchased a brand called Innovited and have been very pleased with them.

Remember: When removing the factory headlight, you remove the factory wiring plug, then the plastic ring, then the rubber seal, then pull out the bulb.

Remember: When installing an HID bulb, you will put the locking collar on first, then the rubber seal, then the plastic, ring, THEN the bulb is last. This was the weird part because i figured the bulb would assemble like the factory one but it did not.

This was my experience at least

I mounted the relay to the fuse box plastic top under the hood, it was a good fit for it.

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Post time: May-02-2017