OUTERDO 5000Lumen Led Headlamp 4 Mode Head Lamp Headlight

Unboxing, demonstration and review of the OUTERDO 5000Lumen Led Headlamp 4 Mode Head Lamp Headlight 3 Chips XML T6+2R5 Waterproof Headlamps+2 Pack of 18650 Rechargeable Battery+AC Charger For Outdoor Camping Biking Hunting Fishing

Purchased on Amazon for $16.49


This is a great hands free light source and a terrific value! 2 high voltage batteries with the lamp and charger for less that $20 makes this a no-brainer. It also works as a emergency USB charger for charging small devices and Lipo Batteries. The charger is a little funny in that the light never switched from red to green, like the item descriptions said it would. I think an overnight charge will do the trick. It’s not the most comfortable thing to wear on your head but the unit does not get hot to the touch. Probably wearing a hat of some sort is the way to go if you’ll be wearing for long periods of time. I was able to get more than 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Overall, very impressed with the initial performance. We’ll see how long it holds up:)

Post time: Oct-20-2017