NEW upgrade! 100% Waterproof ZY-P6 LED Headlight Philips Lumileds 45W/55W LED

This is a video showing the waterproofness of P6 LED Headlight.
1. Adopt imported Philips Lumileds Luxeon Z ES LED chip and MZ LED chip.
2. High output 4500LM/pc and 5200LM/pc, 400% brighter than halogen bulbs!
3. Built-in copper vacuum heat tube, faster three times than ordinary LED headlights at the speed of heat conduction, keep long lifespan.
3. Ok for use in projectors and reflectors.
4. Dual- IC Control Driver, more stable in the process of car and motorcycle use.
5. Meet the requirements of vehicle inspection.
6. Fit in CANBUS system, error free.

Made by Zhuhai Zhengyuan Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Post time: Oct-16-2017