Multi Color Motorcycle LED kit

The Platinum Glow Luxury Series RGB LED Kit is the first RGB kit offered from Platinum Motorcycles. The RGB kit allows for single and multicolored LED display functionality set through the new Platinum Glow Luxury controller. The standard kit contains 5 feet of flexible LED strips precut into 12 flexible LED strips using large 5050 series SMD’s for a total of 288 individual light sources. The net effect is a super bright kit with 18 different color options from one controller. The strip configuration contains 10 short strips designed to fit in the engine bay, side and front fairings, and under tail locations or anywhere where a short run of light is needed and 2 long strips designed to fit along the swing arm, saddlebags or any other location where a long run of lights is needed. All LED strips are silicone epoxy sealed for better water and moisture resistance. The complete kit contains all needed items to complete your installation easily and professionally.
The heart of the kit is the all new Platinum Glow Luxury 6 channel controller. There are a total of 18 color options within 73 modes of which 6 are controlled by an aux/microphone input. Yes that’s correct your lights can now flash and strobe in 6 different patterns to the music of your choice. Use the supplied microphone or your own 3.5mm aux headphone cable directly from your MP3, cell phone or other music device to get your lights moving to your favorite tunes. The unit is controlled by a 4B wireless RF remote from up to 20M away so you can dazzle your friends or surprise admirers from a distance. This controller is sold in the luxury series kits as well as a standalone unit which can be integrated into your existing light kit. With a total of 6 channels this controller is all you need for the ultimate wow factor. For sale online at

Post time: Apr-26-2017