Motorcycle headlight auto-trigger.mp4

by Cliff Component


- Headlight on when engine on, Headlight off when engine off
- Easy fire when cold-start the engine
- Very helpful in engine tuning that require the key at ‘on’ position without run the engine
- Very helpful in starting engine with a weak battery
- Save the battery life
- In case HID’s installed motorcycle, the “Lit-Off” keep the ballast life longer
- Can be used as charging indicators of Alternator. If the headlight still off even engine has run means the alternator isn’t in good charging condition
- Easy installation, just plug and feel the benefits
- Can be used in various motorcycle brands that do not have headlight-off switch (Harley-Davidson,VICTORY,Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha,Triumph,Ducati,etc.)
- Support government “Daytime light-on” regulation without making the battery drained

* delay light-on happen because the battery was not in good condition…the headlight normally on in 5sec.

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Post time: Aug-30-2017