LEDONLY Car LED Headlight Bulbs H4 9003 Conversion Kit Review

LEDONLY Car LED Headlight Bulbs H4 9003 Conversion Kit Review
Product Link: http://amzn.to/2fjIRx1

-Red Copper Vacuum Tube: 300% faster heat conduction
-Cold Pressed Aluminum Heat Sink: 35% higher heat reduction
-Dual speed Turbo Cooling Fan: 200% higer air flow rates)
-Over-heat Failure Protection

Adjustable focus length
The only LED bulbs with national patented ajustable focus length technology, LED direction and depth are fully adjustable for optimal light output in a variety of housings.

Perfect Light Pattern
With the design of LED chips arrangement and adjustable focus length, our bulbs will result perfect light pattern without any dark spots, short beams or scattered beams.

Exquisite Design and Manufacture
Bulb body are well-designed without any exposed wires and screws.
Aluminum heat sinks are covered with durable and lightweight carbon glass fiber housing, for maximum shock/vibration resistant ability.

10400LM total output , 150% brighter than halogen
6000K color temperature
OK for use in projectors
11~30V constant current driver
Over-heat Failure Protection

Whats Included?
2 Bulbs
2 Drivers
2 Collars
1 Hex Wrench
1 Instruction Manual




Post time: May-17-2017