Jeep Grand Cherokee Square V.3 Color Change LED Halo Headlight Kit (1999-2004)

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Flashtech Jeep Grand Cherokee Fusion Colorshift V.3 Halos Headlight kit are the most advanced LED halo ever designed. They have a wide array of ways to be hooked up and can be modified in the future without having to buy new halos again and again. Your kit will come with LED rings and LED Drivers. Instead of having everything built into the ring as old halos were built, Flashtech has designed an external driver which allows this item to be mounted outside of the headlight. If a failure occurs a simple replacement of the driver will fix most problems rather than having to open up the headlights to replace a ring.

Flashtech Fusion Colorshift V.3 Halos will come with 4 wires on the back of each ring. This will allow you to hook them up as either single color RED, GREEN or BLUE. You can also choose The wireless remote option that will make the full Colorshift Halos and will allow you to make a wide array of colors, including white, as well as blending and fade options. Make sure to check out the video of our Fusion Colorsfit Halos in action to see how you can make full use of them when paired with a wireless fusion remote.

Flashtech Headlight HALO Kits Include the Following

(2) 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee V.3 Fusion Colorshift Low Beam Square Halo Rings
(2) 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee V.3 Fusion Colorshift High Beam Square Halo Rings
(2) ) 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee V.3 Fusion Colorshift External LED DRIVERS
(1) 24 key IR Wireless RGB control Module
​Complete Wiring install guide
​Installation written Instructions
​ Everything you need to add Halos to your existing Headlights

Post time: Apr-20-2017