How To Replace Turn Signal Bulbs 5 min. Lexus & Toyota, Upgrade to LED, install Load Resistors

Visit us online at for more How-To articles related to buying new cars, used cars, and auto leasing, and avoiding scams. This video covers 2 projects for you related to replacing directional turn signal lamps:

1) The first half of this video is a quick guide that shows you how in 5 minutes you can perform your own repair, changing the left turn signal and right turn signal bulbs yourself, and saving yourself $75 or more on the repair at the dealership. This video from us here at shows a Lexus GX470 SUV, which is the similar vehicle to the Toyota 4Runner, but these tips for repairing turn signal lights here can apply to several vehicle makes and models.

2) The second half of this video shows you how to upgrade your turn signal lights to the newer LED bulbs and all the design considerations you need to be aware of. This includes showing you how to install a load resistor across your bulbs if you install LED lamps. Most older cars when upgrading to LED flasher bulbs are required to have a load resistor tied to the wires that power the light bulb, in order to match the lower power of the LED bulb to that of the light bulb which your car’s ECU is expecting to see, and this will help you avoid hyperflashing, where your turn signals flash too fast.

Post time: Oct-19-2017