How To: Install RC Lights On To Your Body And Connect To The Receiver

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In this video I am doing my first of many ‘How To’ guides. I am showing you how to easily install LED lights for your R/C car, including traxxas slash, E-revo, E-maxx, Rally anything with a traxxas waterproof receiver box . I also show to to connect the lights to your receiver to safe your self messing around with batteries.

Many people ask do they wast your R/C trucks battery, and the answer is no, LED use so little power you won’t notice it affect the power, however if you light up your car with let’s say 30 lights you may notice a slight power reduction.

The lights came from a good website called ‘RC Lighthouse’ they do good deals on lights, and you can have completely customised sets. So please check them out.

If you have any questions on installing the lights either comment (helps others) or if it’s more complicated E-mail me (address below) so please follow me on my social media sites.

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Post time: Mar-22-2017