How To: Install or Replace 2015 Tahoe HID Headlights

Installing House of HID lights on a 2015 Chevy Tahoe

HID Kit:

NOTE: I didn’t talk about the wiring at all! Stupid me… In order for you to be able to put the dust cap back on the housing, you will have to drill a 1″ diameter hole in the dust cap. Once that is drilled, you will run the wiring through that hole and use the supplied rubber grommet to plug the hole.

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6,000K has an approximately 2,800 lumens output, which is 3x the light output of the traditional halogen bulb and slightly less light output compared to the 5,000K. 6,000K produces a CRYSTAL BLUE color. Although it produces a bit lesser light output, it produces a purer whiter light with a very slight and barely noticeable tint of blue and purple. This temperature is a best-seller. Our Our Xenon HID bulbs run much cooler than your traditional halogen bulbs and will not melt your housing.

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Post time: Apr-15-2017