Honda Accord Changing ALL lights to LED (Coupe / Sedan)

Quick and Easy How To Change out all interior / exterior bulbs from stock to LED’s on my 2008 Honda Accord EX-L V6 Coupes or Sedans should be the same instructions.

The first mod or upgrade I do when I get a new car is swap out all of the stock yellow icky lights to a nice bright clean white / blue LED bulbs. These modifications make a very nice difference in overall appearance and feel of the car.

*Also this DIY is helpful to replace a burnt out light.

0:15 Change the Map light bulbs or Reading lights bulb
1:44 Changing the Dome lights or Step light
3:01 How to change the trunk light to LEDs
4:27 Swap out the License Plate Bulb
6:47 How to change out Stock OEM Headlights to HIDs and removing the front Accent lightbulb.
22:20 How to Turn OFF or Disable the Daytime Headlights (DRL’s)

This should work on the following years:
2017 or newer

Links to products shown in this video:
5 SMD LED (pack of 10) –
4 SMD LED (pack of 8) –
HID’s kit –
HIDs premium kit –

Subscribe –

Bulb info:
Interior / exterior bulbs Wedge bulbs — 194 / 168 / T10

HID’s — DDM HID Kit, 35W, H11, 5000K
Wattage: 35 Watt
Bulb Color: 5000K
Bulb Type: H11

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Post time: Sep-10-2017