Have a Headlight Out? Here’s How to Replace it on a Chevy Equinox

Assembling headlights on a modern vehicle Chevy equinox 08′. To buy this part online from around the globe go here.

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9007 Headlight


This is a (video version update) to my original ‘How to change Headlights’-much more detail in this flick-enjoy-hope it helps you change a headlight

7mm and 10mm sockets. I used a 1/4 inch drive and 3/8 inch drive. 8 inch extension was used and a flat head screw driver.

step 1 – remove grill with logo by loosening 4 tabs and then pulling out
step 2 – remove headlight assembly
step 3 – remove old light install new light
step 4 – install everything back the way it was
step 5 – watch video for detail
Check out a shorter ‘picture only’ version here


I assume no responsibility for anybody watching and performing this headlight change. thank you.

2008 Chevy Equinox 4 door 6 cylinder automatic transmission suv tag extras
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Post time: Apr-16-2017