H7 LED DRL resistor install

Dont listen to closely to the nut in the video–me–because I misspeak while using my hands…duh. Anyway, want to install eBay LED H7s from China in your car? You will need to trick the computer—ECU into thinking the LED light bulb has a filament that causes a lot of resistance, right? Right! Thus averting a ‘bulb out warning’–code. Sooo use resistors to emulate a closed circuit. Use big ones from radio shack that dont get hot and are cheap, use ones with the most resistance 100Ohms—off the shelf—and in increments of 10 watts. In this case 3@100Ohm 10watt do the trick. You should know a little about messing with your car before trying this. Good luck.

Post time: Sep-20-2017