Converting Sealed Beam Headlights to H4 Semi Sealed Beam Headlights

As you can see, converting your 7″ Sealed beam headlights in your 4wd to Semi-Sealed H4 capable lights is very simple.
Hopefully you can get enough out of this video to do this yourself at home.
Some of the cars that run these lights are getting really old now, and that means that the lights aren’t the best, and we have to remember, the technology and knowledge of how to make a good headlight wasn’t around back then.

This should apply to pretty much any vehicle that has a 7″ Sealed Beam Headlight, common examples are Toyota Landcruiser 40, 55, 6x, 7x, Nissan MQ/GQ Patrols, and Suzukia Sierra’s and Jimney’s.

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Post time: Nov-25-2017