Comparing XB-Led with CCFL angel eye

We compared our XB-LED with our CCFL angel eyes. Look at the differences. We compared them plain, and also in our Mini H1 shroud.

The LED angel eye is brighter and doesn’t have the gap in the ring, the LED angel eye is more OEM white around 4300K. The CCFL is more like 6000K color temperature.
The LED ring is more expensive and has a yellow coating (white version, amber version is white when turned off).

Since the Led ring doesn’t have a warm up time, it’s also possible to use it as (an extension of) your turn signal.

So compared:

* Brightest
* OEM 4300K color
* Full brightness when turned on, no warm up
* No gap

* Cheaper
* 6000K color temperature

Post time: Mar-29-2017