Checking Your Car Headlights and Headlight Bulbs

Yes ladies its cooler weather which means our headings will be on more often.
Wet mornings, rainy days and early dusk, all mean your lights are on and working hard!

Have you ever driven around with a blown headlight and not known until the police or someone else let you know?

We have a quick video that shows you some quick tips on how to check that your lights are working.

A quick monthly vehicle maintenance check sounds boring, but it doesn’t have to be! Auto how to is more than just changing the headlight bulbs, breaking nails and looking under the bonnet.
It’s about getting to know someone you have a very special relationship with – your car!

Yes just think about what the two of you will do together this week.

How many trips to work, play, dancing, the gym or picking up kids?
Don’t you need your car bulbs working? Do you really want to have a blown taillight and have someone run into you because they didn’t know you were stopping?

So get to know your car. Do a quick check.

Get a friend to walk around the car and have a look whilst you turn on the lights, put your foot on the brakes and turn your indicators on (your blinkers).

Don’t have a friend with you?

Drive up to a wall and look for the reflection of the lights on the wall.
To check that your brake lights (red), indicator lights (orange) and reverse lights (clear) are working, stay in the car, press your foot on the brakes and look in your revision mirror to see that all lights are working.

Vintage Tip

Some older cars use the same lights for brakes and indicators. The brake lights are red and when the vehicle is indicating to turn, the brake lights flash. Keep in mind that most drivers are unaware of this, so indicate early!

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Post time: Sep-15-2017