Changing a Headlight and Fixing a Bumper on a Lincoln Towncar

I hit a deer the other day and since the car has a salvage title already, I didn’t want to spend lots on a new hood, bumper and head light. I show quickly how to take out the old headlight assembly and how you would put one back in and how I fix the bumper as it cracked on both sides over time as we have deep gutters on the streets near our home even going slow, the car hits when crossing them etc. I used plumbers tape and I quickly describe what I am going to do on the video, the actual pictures of how I fixed it are on my blog with detailed description at: and type in bumper on the search at the bottom to quickly find the post about fixing it. It really came out well and I filled in the crack using the paint and hid the plumbers tape up under the light fixture so you can’t see it unless you are looking under the headlamp. Feel free to ask questions. It was easy to do and I got the new headlight unit on ebay for $80 total including shipping. I just bought the closest spray paint I could find and actually the white from the store was better than the custom paint from the car part store.

Post time: Aug-31-2017