BMW Adaptive LED Headlights

The optional Adaptive LED Headlights are a shining example of BMW innovation. Essentially every light within the headlamp cluster features LED technology, including:

-LED low beams and high beams whose light sources consist of horizontal LED ribs positioned in the center of the light rings.
-Three-dimensional LED corona rings around all four headlights that serve as both the parking lights and Daytime Running Lights. These lights are flattened on the lower edge and overlapped at their top edge by an accent light. These two light rings also help generate low beam and high beam light.
-LED turn indicators, each of which consists of eight LED units arranged in a row underneath the light rings. The result is improved visibility of the turn signals.
-LED Cornering Lights
-LED accent lights
-LED fog lights

This new headlamp design maintains the BMW brand’s hallmark twin round headlight look in all situations.
LED headlights are about more than just looking good; they also ensure the driver can see well. Their bright white light provides a bright and even illumination of the road ahead. From a color perspective, the light comes much closer to natural daylight than that created by halogen or xenon lights.

Post time: Sep-19-2017