Biltema part 42399 H4 LED bulb modification

Biltema part 42399 H4 LED bulb modified by adding 5mm between the LED’s and the reflector. Originally, these bulb have a very high lo-beam, it is out of focus, making the light blurry. Hi-beam is originally very weak.
After adding 5mm, the beam is more accurate, but still far from the beam pattern made by an incandescent bulb. It is anyway an improvment in both lo, and hi-beam after modification.
The two opposing LED chips (for high and low beam) are spaced 10mm apart in the vertical axis due to proper cooling, instead of 1mm in a incandescent bulb.
This will cause the lo-beam to get little too low and hi-beam little too high. However, the hi-beam is improved by throwing the light forward, and not just scattering the light all over the place.

I will do further improvements, if not just make a H4 bulb by my own using smaller, yet powerful, LEDs, og a copper heatsink instead of the porous sintered aluminium that

Post time: Feb-27-2017