Audi Matrix Laser Headlights – Future Technology

Audi is looking to cement its reputation as the world’s leading brand for automotive lighting technology with its new Matrix laser headlights.

The lighting of Audi models is a big part of their design and identity but Audi are looking to push the technology to helping the driver and those around them. The light from the Matrix lasers will come alive, adapting to road conditions to give the driver information about their surroundings, and even communicating with other road users and pedestrians.

This will enable the ideal light pattern for virtually every situation, such as special lighting for construction zones and similar bottlenecks. In this case, two strips of light about 15 meters (49.2 ft) long are projected onto the road to indicate the vehicle’s width, and the driver can follow the light as if it were rails.

The Matrix laser headlights mean a huge degree of added safety for the driver and others nearby, as well as for the piloted driving of the future. In urban traffic, for instance, they can lay down a pattern of light and dark zones directly in front of the car, guiding pedestrians across the road in safety and even warn them of oncoming vehicles.

Post time: Oct-22-2017