Amber White LED For Harley Davidson Touring Bike Turn Signal Lamps

This page features a pair of switchback LED turn signal modules fit most 1986-2014 Harley Davidson touring motorcycles with the iconic 3″ (76mm) circular shape front turn signal lamps.

This LED module is made of 24 pieces amber color 1210-SMD LED for the turn signal indicator light with one piece xenon white 5W high power Osram LED for the cruising light (aka daytime running light). The xenon white LED cruising light will give your Harley a more modern look and effortlessly switches to flash amber when the turn signals are engaged.

To install, your Harley must have the iconic pancake style turn signal lights with two screws in the front. The stock bulb size is 1157 so this LED module will directly replace it.

Post time: Apr-08-2017