9000LM – Philips Lumileds LED Chips – Zhengyuan LED Car Headlight

1. Super bright! 4500LM Per Piece!
2. Adpoting 4pcs brand PHILIP LUMILEDS, very high lumen and good performance.
3. Special design, can lead the heat out quickly and effectively.
4. Using machining 6063 aluminum housing, very good heat disspation material.
5.The focus length of luminous point and the direction of the light emitting surface is adjustable. Users can adjust it to get perfect lighting pattern on different cars.
6.The adjustable focus length range is 0-4mm, accurancy is 0.2mm.
7.The direction of the light emitting surface can be adjusted from 0° to 360° according to different reflectors or lens on cars .
8. There is a self-lock device on each 90°.

Feedback from an end-customer
Kit is well constructed. Bulbs are very nice, do not seem to be made cheaply. The fans on the back of the bulbs concerned most of customers at first, but you can actually submerge the bulbs on water with 12v applied to them, and the fans still run, and the bulbs were illuminated. So that put your worries to rest. These are BRIGHT too. Compared to d2s hids, they are more brighter than 55watt hid bulbs.

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Post time: Nov-30-2017