3G 2005 Eclipse GT – Pure White 6000k – 32k lumen LED bulb (headlight & foglight) conversion

Philips LED Cree Cob 8,000 Lumen x 4 pieces = 32k chinese lumen total = $47….+ 4 hours of my time

2x (H4/9003/hb2) Phillips 6000k, headlights for normal driving – pointed/aimed down so i dont blind people US $23.95


((((4 out of 5 bulb replacement websites list 2005 eclipse gt V6 headlight H4 & foglight H1 or hb4/9006)))) but for some odd reason my fog lights were H11…so i cut the H11 plug off, replaced it with HB4/9006 plug….

2x (H1/9006/Hb4) Phillip’s 6500k, fog lights for when i leave town on those dark ass roads US $22.99


what a beautiful site for under $50 total
headlights took less then 10 minutes to install

fog lights was a fkn joke
it took me 3 pairs to finally get it working

1st try was H1 cree LED, didn’t fit, didn’t come with the plastic adapter i needed $6, got refunded 75% b/c they sent me no adapter (still got these in a box) same light as installed now, just missing adapter, may work on another car http://tinyurl.com/LEDH4

2nd try was Partsam H1 LED Type: 1515 4-Epistar High Power LED, 30w, 700 lumens (more like 10 lumen) returning this junk – weak AF, brightness = garbage $11 http://tinyurl.com/LED30wgarbage

3rd try was HB4 cree LED, $24 (excellent-this is my fog light now)


although the HB4 above did not want to fit into the fog light housing, i got mad, what should been a 10 minute install turned into 3 hours, jacked the car up, removed fog lights from under the car (2005 eclipse gt) hammered the fog light opening bigger, drilled it, hammered it, chewed it all up on the back, no one can tell, had to cut the h11 plugs off my eclipse (they did not fit my 9006 plug for some odd reason) cut them off, wired on some new 9006 plugs directed into LED bulbs, i made it plug n play so i can remove easy..
i made the HB4 cree led bulbs fit… done fkn around…

3 hours later my car is done…
total time maybe 4 hours out of like a week, and i got 16,000 lumens headlight + 16,000 lumen fog lights with a 6500k pure white color…
Total Cost: $48 – thats without the discount im about to get…dude sent me hb4/9006 led bulbs that did not fit my hb4/9006 plug on my eclipse..who was at error, not eclipse…that chinese junk…

im pretty stoked
this job took a little brain power
replacing the headlights only was simple, a woman could do it..its basically plug n play, way easier then HID…LED is way better then HID also, ive had both

fog lights on a 2005 eclipse GT was a mutha fkr…not for the 1st timers, although it was my first time doing this to this car, but thats how i roll, i learn by doing

TIP to buying LED Headlight/Fog Lights for car—- learn from my trial n errors —–
(what i hear is the only awesome LED bulbs are the cree ones, the one with metal cooling fins, the big bulky ones are SUPER BRIGHT, if you just replace your old bulb with a LED type smd bulb, same tiny size…it will be junk, depends what you want i guess, i wanted out of this world WHITE LIGHT, as you can see in my video, i got what i dreamed about for years…these bulbs are so fkn sick it got me moist….lol, i put them on a few of my friends trucks @ $24 a pair, great way to blow your friends minds…they all LOVE them…they can actually see the road now)

my 2005 Eclipse GT with LED headlight only driving on dark country road test – http://tinyurl.com/LED05eclipseGT

my friend 2004 Toyota Tacoma with exact same LED bulb install, dark country road test – http://tinyurl.com/LED04tacoma

PHOTOS of my Eclipse LED Fog & Headlight conversion before and after http://imgur.com/a/beZmt

Post time: Sep-25-2017