£25 Car LED H4 Headlight Dip Beam Test Nighteye Viofo A119 Dash Camera 1080P @ 60FPS Motorway 35 MPH

This video is a test of both my Dash Camera Viofo A119 night performance, and my new £25 LED headlights, this section of motorway is unlit so the only light is from my headlights and cars passing me,

I have slowed the video down by 1/2 so the vehicle is travelling at 35 MPH,

Click the time codes below to take you to the parts where the cars overtake me,


These £25 LED headlight bulbs are not a lot brighter than normal halogen bulbs but the colour temperature is whiter and reflects better on the white lines and reflectors in the road,

Link to unboxing video of these LED headlights being used in this video,https://youtu.be/Op2oBmSVsWo

Show my installation, https://youtu.be/XX7UeiefUg8

I am very happy with the better light quality of these new LED bulbs,

They reflect off the signs at a long distance so you should never miss another sign again,

They illuminate further than standard halogen bulbs,

Watch the vehicles that pass me they all have the standard halogen bulbs in their headlights,

You can see only a very short distance with halogen bulbs and the light is a yellow colour,

When I used halogen bulbs on this motorway I could not see the markings or the reflectors on the road surface,

So for me it was a safety issue,

And I now feel a lot more comfortable on the motorway at speed,

There is not a massive difference on lit motorways,

This video is also a test of the Viofo A119 Dash Camera,

It does not have night vision it is using the light from my new LED headlights,

So if you use normal halogen bulbs you probably won’t get the same results as me,

I am still learning how to use the dash camera,

So the glare on the signs is the camera doing this I can see the sign perfectly and I can read them at a long distance,

Any questions please ask,

Thanks for watching my video.

Post time: Apr-14-2017