2015+ WRX $10 C-Light / Boomerang & License Plate LED Upgrade

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I wanted to upgrade my C-Light / Boomerang light on my 2017 WRX, since it look strange being a mixture of LED and incandesent. I found that it was the 168 style bulb, which is also conveniently the same bulb the license plate lights use. So I looked for the highest quality and best rated (but lowest cost) bulb I could fight and bought it (link below). It only takes 2 bulbs for the front C-Light, and 2 for the license plate, and the pack of 10 bulbs is $10. So I still have 6 as spares, or incase I want to use them on other parts of the car. Very impressed with the look, quality, and price of these. Similar bulbs on popular Subaru websites are $15 for just 2 bulbs. They also have Red, Blue & Amber. But I think those colors on the exterior of the car are illegal in most states. The Amber isn’t but that that would probably look lame. You can see them all at the link below..

Always finding you guys the best deals on parts for your WRX.


Post time: Apr-06-2017