2015 BMW F800R First Ride Review

The most noticeable difference to the revamped F800 is the new clothes its wearing. With its newly designed fairings, radiator shields, front mudguard and wheels, plus a new range of colors, the sporty roadster cuts an extremely dynamic figure. And remember the asymmetrical headlight of yore? That’s gone, replaced with a more visually pleasing symmetrical unit BMW says gives the bike its “face.”

Look past the bodywork to find BMW has massaged more power from the Twin. While the engine is the same basic liquid-cooled, four-valve unit as before, tweaks to it have resulted in a 90 hp output, 3 hp more than before, according to BMW. Apart from the new engine, the F800R gets an inverted fork, radially mounted brake calipers (with ABS standard), revised ratios for the first two gears and lighter wheels.

Ergonomically, new tapered aluminum bars and footpegs placed 10mm lower and 10mm further forward help give a more neutral riding position. Seat height has also been dropped 10mm, to 790mm (31.1 in), which should help the bike appeal to shorter riders.

A host of options and accessories will be available for the F800R, including Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), panniers, exhaust kit, different seats to raise or lower the height, heated grips and alarm system, just to name a few.

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Post time: May-04-2017