2014 Crosstour Replacing Headlights

The Honda Crosstour is a low production car, with very little online resources so I thought I’d make this guide to help CT owners with this little DIY project.

I (eventually) switched out OEM Low Beams / High Beams / Fog Lamps with Sylvania ZXE bulbs.

It took three attempts (to get all of it done), and a little help from the http://www.crosstourownersclub.com/ forums.

I did not go into the generic details of how to install a lamp (Twist, Disconnect, Replace, Twist, Reconnect)I, and am assuming you already know not to touch the lamp, know what type of bulbs to get, and other general installing a headlight info etc… (read your manual)

Hope you find this video useful, I’ll post a separate video regarding the Sylvania ZXE bulbs

Post time: Apr-25-2017